Maxtor Announces Home-Entertainment Hub

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Maxtor recently released a network hard drive for use in home networking. The company has marketed the device as a digital entertainment hub. The idea behind home networking is to be able to share files, music, movies, etc. from one computer to another. While the process can be difficult for the non-technical, Maxtor’s product simplifies the equation.

If you have two computers with various files spread across them, it can be difficult to know what files reside where. Sometimes there can be duplicates and then you have to determine which is more up-to-date. Maxtor’s product acts as a third computer, whose purpose is to store and organize all your files.

Thus, you could have one person watching a movie in one room while another person is listening to music in another room. Both people have access to the same files, which reside on this network hard drive. For more information, please check out Maxtor’s website or this article by Reuters.

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