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Microsoft has released the name for its latest operating system due out in stores by the end of 2006: Microsoft Windows Vista. A beta (test) version of Vista is already available for use by developers. As users become more and more comfortable with the current version, Windows XP, the question has been raised as to the need for a new operation system. Here are the basic features included in Vista, which set it apart from its predecessors:

Better stability and security are among the improvements made in Vista. User Account Protection (UAP) will make it such that most usage of a computer will be done in a mode that not only allows the user to accomplish his/her tasks but also blocks certain privileges that viruses take advantage of, such as writing to system files. The idea is to limit the need for a user to have administrative rights and instead have the user in a protected mode for day to day activity.

Internet Explorer 7.0 will come standard with Windows Vista and will include an antiphishing toolbar to protect against information being stolen. Parental controls will be much more robust and flexible, allowing parents to block certain games and permit others. Also included in parental control will be a monitoring tool, which will provide information as to the type of activity happening on the computer.

Vista will be able to restart certain failing services without restarting the whole computer and dynamically fix problems without user intervention. Also, the time it takes for the computer to start up will be drastically reduced.

Windows_vista_folder_view_1Outside of stability and security, many other “look and feel” features will be introduced including live icons and glass transparencies. These design enhancements will allow for users to better manage their files and folders. Live icons, for example, will give you a preview of the first pages of a document.

All in all, Microsoft promises that this time it will deliver the ultimate package of security, reliability, and simplicity. For more information, check out the official Microsoft Windows Vista webpage.

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