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MP3 is a type of format for music files, which has become very popular. Now, new digital devices called MP3 players are set to replace the CD player. Here’s what you need to know to get started with MP3 players:

There are three basic types of MP3 players.

1) CD MP3 Player

2) Flash MP3 Player

3) Hard Disk MP3 Player

The first type allows you to copy MP3 music files onto a CD via your computer. It won’t play in a regular CD player, however. The music files are copies in such a way that one CD holds more than 10 times that of a traditional CD. This type of MP3 player has a familiar feel and can be easy to use for those transitioning from regular CD players.

The second type, or Flash MP3 Player, is the smallest. “Flash” stands for the type of memory used. Many flash MP3 players are small enough to fit on your key chain. These MP3 players usually start at around 64 megabytes and go up to over a gigabyte (translation: 1 CD of music up to more than 20 CDs worth of music, depending on the memory). These new devices are convenient, especially for the jogger or hiker who wants something out of the way.

The Hard Disk MP3 Player is designed around the technology used for computer hard drives. It’s usually quite a bit bigger than the flash player but no bigger than the CD player. It’s advantages lie in the enormous amount of space available. Some hard disk MP3 players can store as much as 100’s of CDs worth of music, though they are quite a bit more expensive.

The industry leader currently is Apple. The Apple IPod is the most popular hard disk MP3 player while the IPod Shuffle is the most popular flash MP3 player.

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