We’re Closer than You Think to Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Vehicle to vehicle communications, or allowing cars to talk to each other to avoid accidents and to optimize travel sounds like science fiction. At best, it seems like something that we may be able to look forward to in ten years. This is not the case, however, the technology is here and it is ready to go. Will Be Available for Purchase by Year’s End General Motors has … [Read more...]

3 Big Changes Shaking Up Streaming Services

Streaming services are making it possible for thousands to “cut the cord” with cable and enjoy television on their own terms for much cheaper. Users of smart TVs and streaming devices like the Roku have gotten used to familiar app-style channels offering content, but there are a few changes that have come to the streaming world recently. The following changes are shaking things … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has circled the globe and caused a veritable phenomenon. People of all ages and walks of life have gotten out of the house and walked into their towns, inspired to find the next Pokemon but witnessing beauty and nature and neighbors along the way. Unfortunate events have also transpired because of some people’s insistence on using the game inappropriately, however. … [Read more...]