What Facebook and Google Are Doing to Stop Extremist Videos

Extremist videos that have been posted on the web have shocked and disgusted people that have accidentally viewed them, caused outrage, and been used as a tool to rally other extremists. Since Facebook and YouTube are two of the places on the internet where videos are viewed most often, Facebook and Google (who owns YouTube) are taking action to try to stop extremist videos from being posted and to take them down when they are. The following are a few steps being taken.

Individually Investigating User Flags

facebook blocked content

As with any other content that is flags as inappropriate by users, extremist videos are being individually investigated. Both companies have people employed that go through videos and other types of content when it is flagged as inappropriate by users, taking down content that violates laws or policies. Extremist videos are a grey area, as the content is not always clearly illegal or inappropriate. Individual monitors make the decisions on each video and post.