These 3 Apps Make Becoming Bilingual a Blast

Learning a new language is something that many people aspire to do, but few get around to actually doing. The prospect of pulling out books and trying to figure out how to speak another language has long been daunting. With the advent of apps, however, becoming bilingual is easier and more fun than ever before. Many apps are geared towards helping people to learn languages organically, using pictures and games to promote understanding and pronunciation aids to help with dialect. Check out these apps to get started today!



Mindsnacks is fun, but it’s also free! There are tons of different games that help you to learn languages, bringing together words and phrases to actually help you learn in a way that you can use. You learn about context and grammar so that you can sound like a native when speaking Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, or a few other languages. The icons are adorable and make the app more enticing to use.