The Next Generation of Home Game Systems

The major players in the home gaming system world are all coming out with new and exciting systems right now. This is incredible, because it hasn’t happened that way in a long time, but it can make gamers that like to have the newest of the bunch heads’ spin. It may be wise to review the features and functionality and really make an educated pick on which one you would like to have, rather than trying to collect ‘em all. Without further adieu, this is what the next gen has in store.

Xbox One Scorpio


The Xbox One Scorpio may be the most exhilarating console that is being released. The console is designed to be far more powerful than any other gaming console on the market, including the ones yet to be released by other labels and everything that Microsoft has come up with thus far. The Scorpio will have virtual reality capabilities and will also support 4K gaming. All games for Xbox One and even the 360 games that were playable on the Xbox One will be playable on the Scorpio.