The Decline in iPhone Sales May Cause These 3 Things to Happen

For the very first time since the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple announced that it sold fewer phones than in the same quarter last year. The company still sold 51 million phones, a not insubstantial amount by any means, but the fact remains that the sales went down instead of up. In an economy that equates upward mobility with success, the drop certainly did not go unnoticed. The following are three things that may happen in response to the decline.

iPhone May Drop Prices


One of the major issues behind the decline in iPhone sales is that phones produced by other brands have gotten much better while staying at a much lower price point. While iPhones generally still have a leg up on the competition in terms of quality and features, the minor differences in quality do not justify the major difference in price for many consumers. iPhone may find that the best way to increase sales is to decrease price.