Apps That Are Changing the Game

Many different apps have the potential to change the way that we work and play, but it is a very special genre of app that changes the way we do non-technical things. That’s exactly what apps like Uber, Lyft, and Shift have started to do, however. The advent of these apps is even changing the face of some neighborhoods and the way things are done. Uber and Lyft Uber and Lyft … [Read more...]

Major Layoffs in the Tech Industry

As we slip into a new year, the tech industry has been plagued by a huge number of layoffs spurred by downsizing. Most of the layoffs come from industry leaders like Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. The strangeness is that the tech industry is actually still doing very well overall, despite these contradictory layoff statistics. So what’s the deal? Newer Companies Thriving In … [Read more...]