How Tesla’s Autopilot Fatality May Affect the Future of Autopilot Tech

On May 7th, the first crash occurred while using Tesla’s autopilot feature. The company is saying that the crash occurred due to rare circumstances, but the fact that the crash happened may delay things a bit for autopilot tech. With 1.5 million miles logged for crash-free autopilot tech, the track record is impressive so far, but the fact that it occurred will be sure to fuel some heated conversations.

May Make Clear the Intended Use of Autopilot

driver reading paper

Although autopilot did not actually cause the fatal accident and was being used correctly at the time of the accident, concerns have surfaced that drivers began using the tech incorrectly the moment it was released. YouTube videos showed drivers reading the paper while cars drove themselves and doing other activities that the developers of the technology consider reckless. Companies instruct drivers to remain alert and keep both hands on the wheel while using autopilot. Companies may clarify the use of the technology and drivers may be more vigilant about using it correctly because of the accident.