3 Reasons Why a DIY Plastic Recycler Would Be an Awesome Home Addition

Several DIY plastic recyclers for the home have been created over the years, but the newest addition to the collection seems to be the most promising. The Protocycler, which was created by ReDeTec, has a built in grinder that works kind of like a juicer to turn plastic waste into usable filament. The machine does its job without a mess or a hassle, like previous DIY methods and … [Read more...]

4 Reasons This Weird “Smell Speaker” May Be Just What You Need

Vapor Communications recently released a “scent speaker” called Cyrano that allows you to digitally select the scent that you wish to have the device diffuse. The device may seem a little weird, but it may just help you to control your mood via aromatherapy and pick and choose what your space smells like. While the idea is new and therefore likely to be met with skepticism and … [Read more...]

3 Ways the “Bioo Lite” Might Change the Future

The Bioo Lite is a plant that you can use to charge your phone, dreamed up by Arkyne Technologies. This technology takes renewable, green energy to a whole new level that may have some serious consequences or the future. The process that uses the plant’s photosynthesis process to create energy does not harm the plant, so it is extremely eco-friendly. The following are some ways … [Read more...]