Is Less News Good News? 3 Ways Facebook’s Feed Priority Change Will Shake Things Up

Facebook is a continuously changing beast and the managers are behind the scenes always trying to figure out how to make the user experience better for everyone. A few weeks ago, Facebook made the announcement that user feeds would now prioritize content posted by friends and family, rather than by news sites and companies. While this may seem like a fantastic shift, the impact … [Read more...]

What Facebook and Google Are Doing to Stop Extremist Videos

Extremist videos that have been posted on the web have shocked and disgusted people that have accidentally viewed them, caused outrage, and been used as a tool to rally other extremists. Since Facebook and YouTube are two of the places on the internet where videos are viewed most often, Facebook and Google (who owns YouTube) are taking action to try to stop extremist videos … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Apple Won’t Be Supporting the GOP Convention

Apple has declared that the company will not be providing funding or equipment for the 2016 GOP convention. The company has made it clear that they do not stand behind Donald Trump, so they are not comfortable lending their usual support to the affair. The withdrawal of support will not necessarily hurt the convention too much, companies like Google are still lending support, … [Read more...]