Make Your Food Into Art with a Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Molecular gastronomy allows you to make just about any food into just about any form. Using science equipment like syringes and pipettes and food additives, you can form vegetables, fruits, meats, and even spices into foams, caviar-type balls, jello blocks, and spaghetti like strands in worlds of different colors. Of course, you can keep some food in its natural form, or you … [Read more...]

Gadgets for the Office That Will Make You Smile

USB Utility Charge Tool This Swiss Army knife inspired tool has a charger for all of your devices. The charger heads conveniently fold into a plastic sleeve so that you don’t have to keep multiple messy cords hanging out all over your desk to make sure that all of your devices stay charged. Since the device has a variety of options, you can also help out a fellow office … [Read more...]