We’re Closer than You Think to Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Vehicle to vehicle communications, or allowing cars to talk to each other to avoid accidents and to optimize travel sounds like science fiction. At best, it seems like something that we may be able to look forward to in ten years. This is not the case, however, the technology is here and it is ready to go. Will Be Available for Purchase by Year’s End General Motors has … [Read more...]

Gadgets for the Office That Will Make You Smile

USB Utility Charge Tool This Swiss Army knife inspired tool has a charger for all of your devices. The charger heads conveniently fold into a plastic sleeve so that you don’t have to keep multiple messy cords hanging out all over your desk to make sure that all of your devices stay charged. Since the device has a variety of options, you can also help out a fellow office … [Read more...]

3 Reasons You Need “Lantern” In Your Life

Lantern is a super high powered flashlight that can light up just about any space. The lantern can be easily light up a room, work well as a bike headlight, and then fit right in your pocket for easy portability. Lantern is designed to be military grade, so it is extremely durable and built to last. The following are a few reasons why everyone should have lantern in their … [Read more...]