What You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has circled the globe and caused a veritable phenomenon. People of all ages and walks of life have gotten out of the house and walked into their towns, inspired to find the next Pokemon but witnessing beauty and nature and neighbors along the way. Unfortunate events have also transpired because of some people’s insistence on using the game inappropriately, however. … [Read more...]

Is Less News Good News? 3 Ways Facebook’s Feed Priority Change Will Shake Things Up

Facebook is a continuously changing beast and the managers are behind the scenes always trying to figure out how to make the user experience better for everyone. A few weeks ago, Facebook made the announcement that user feeds would now prioritize content posted by friends and family, rather than by news sites and companies. While this may seem like a fantastic shift, the impact … [Read more...]

Aspiring Musicians, Blue Microphones Will Revolutionize Your Play

Blue Microphones is a California based company that has made it their mission to create microphones capable of producing studio-quality sound no matter where you record. “Blue” stands for Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics. The company creates both studio microphones and USB microphones, so you can plug your microphone right into your laptop and mix as you wish. The following … [Read more...]