Scratch Your Aerial Photography Itch for Less Than $200 with These 3 Drones

Aerial photography is an amazing new hobby that is taking off as drones get ever cheaper. With the help of drone, you can capture beautiful landscapes, sentimental large family photos and videos, and a host of other awesome snapshots. If you want to try it out, but don’t have hundreds to shell out, check out these excellent drones that can be procured for under $200. Syma … [Read more...]

These 3 Apps Make Becoming Bilingual a Blast

Learning a new language is something that many people aspire to do, but few get around to actually doing. The prospect of pulling out books and trying to figure out how to speak another language has long been daunting. With the advent of apps, however, becoming bilingual is easier and more fun than ever before. Many apps are geared towards helping people to learn languages … [Read more...]