4 Reasons This Weird “Smell Speaker” May Be Just What You Need

Vapor Communications recently released a “scent speaker” called Cyrano that allows you to digitally select the scent that you wish to have the device diffuse. The device may seem a little weird, but it may just help you to control your mood via aromatherapy and pick and choose what your space smells like. While the idea is new and therefore likely to be met with skepticism and a little mockery, the following are a few reasons that this new device may be just what you need.

You Can “Play” a Scent Medley

smell speaker

Just like you play a playlist, you can play a scent medley using Cyrano. Each scent runs for about 10 minutes and then moves onto the next one, so you don’t end up getting tired of smelling the same scent. You can program your scent medley to help with relaxation, energy, or a number of other things to strategically gear your scents to help you through the day.