3 Reasons Why Apple Won’t Be Supporting the GOP Convention

Apple has declared that the company will not be providing funding or equipment for the 2016 GOP convention. The company has made it clear that they do not stand behind Donald Trump, so they are not comfortable lending their usual support to the affair. The withdrawal of support will not necessarily hurt the convention too much, companies like Google are still lending support, but the move acts as a statement about how Apple feels about the Republican candidate. The following are a few reasons that Apple stated regarding their decision not to back the convention.

Apple Is Not Comfortable Supporting Trump’s Stances

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Trump’s comments and stances on women, immigrants, and minorities have incensed Apple. The company does not feel comfortable aligning their values with Trump’s values. While lending support for the GOP convention does not necessarily mean that a company agrees with all of the positions of a candidate, Apple feels that Trump’s stances are too radical and too far removed from the values that the company tries to perpetuate.