3 Important Ways Internet Access Can Benefit Disadvantaged Americans

Called the “digital divide,” there is a large and growing gap between what disadvantaged Americans that do not have internet access can have and do and those that do have internet access can have and do. The internet has become a huge part of our modern world, so those that do not have access to the internet are in many ways being left in a bygone age. Some politicians and programs have sought to make internet available for the poor in many areas. Here are a few ways that internet access benefits the poor:

Can Make Job Searches and Applications Easier


Most workplaces now post jobs on online job boards, rather than putting out help wanted signs or printing ads in local papers. Applying and submitting resumes can also be done online. Having internet access gives lower income Americans the same opportunity to apply to jobs. However, mobile internet access only has limited benefits in this area. Internet access from a computer is much better.