download (4)With all the handheld gadgets, tablets, iPads etc. that we use in our day to day life we have become very reliant on WiFi access. As demand grows for use of Wifi hotspots with things as they are now we will likely start to see a problem. Eventually the WiFi airwaves will become so busy that data streaming will slow down drastically and this is not something that major tech companies want. This then is why a coalition is starting to form including industry giants such as Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Google and Microsoft. Apparently this group of heavy hitters is going to lobby Washington to open up more airwave space for WiFi. They want the government to allow more airwave freedom and thus more available WiFi hotspots.
This is all a great idea but there are some potential opponents to this new endeavor. Notably absent from the group are AT&T and Verizon  who both charge extra on their phone service plans for access to Wifi hotspots. If there were more free hotspots that users could access this would seriously eat into the profits of both these companies and that would not sit well. You see the problem is that wider ranging Wifi would prevent users from upgrading to higher priced plans. Currently the networks of both AT&T and Verizon offer coverage in areas where others do not making their higher priced plans attractive.

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3 Responses to Tech Companies Looking to Expand WiFi

  1. Tania says:

    It would be nice if they would just work together for the common good

  2. sandra says:

    both of those companies are already starting to see the effects of their greed as more and more people switch to prepaid phone service

  3. Shannon Powers says:

    It would be nice to have more coverage !!

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