images (10)Outside of a Bond movie the concept of taking your car out onto the water and speeding across a lake are pretty far fetched. There are, of course, amphibious cars out there but they tend to be slow driving, either on the water or just in general. Well, this particular set of wheels can cut a fair clip in the water and on land making it very much like something that suave British secret agent would use to make a clean getaway.

Known as the “World’s Fastest Amphibious Car” this piece of “What the Tech” technology can speed across the water at 44 mph and can hit up to 80 mph on the road. It sports a 300 hp Honda engine which makes it just like a normal car on land and it has a standard 4-speed manual transmission with all the basics of a car. When you get to the water, however, the wheels retract above the hull line and the engine power can be redirected to a Panther pump jet. This is the same kind of propulsion found on basic personal watercraft. It is a U.S. coast guard approved craft with close cell foam for buoyancy. With vinyl covered seats this craft is suitable for both fresh and salt water. Its 26-gallon fuel tank offers up to 160 miles of travel so this is a great gadget for just a crazy day down to a local boating lake or to the beach. All of this weird coolness is not cheap though as this Jeep looking car-boat costs $135,000 but if you have the money it would be so much fun as a recreational vehicle. Not sure it’s practical for day to day use though.

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3 Responses to Introducing the World’s Fastest Amphibious Car

  1. Rachael B says:


  2. noami says:

    kind of a deal if you consider it a car and boat

  3. Jeremy F says:

    This has been such a big year for advancements in technology

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