download (9)If you’re like me and you’ve seen that commercial where the young woman uses a projected, virtual keyboard you wanted to immediately know exactly what that product is and where you can get one. Are we really there already? Has the future arrived and are we able to use a projection of a keyboard that isn’t really there? The answer to that is YES indeed, we are and we can! The Epic Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard is housed a small, lightweight projector that turns on easily and uses lasers to project a full QWERTY keyboard right onto any surface where you might need one.


The uses for this super cool virtual keyboard are many. If you find yourself in a meeting with only your tablet and no laptop to be found, this keyboard will be a lifesaver so you’re not trying to take copious meeting notes on the touch screen keyboard of your tablet. The projected keyboard is even accompanied by clicking sounds so you feel as natural as possible using this full-sized board. And let’s not even get started talking about just how jealous all your co-workers are going to be when you bust out this futuristic keyboard so you can type up an email to be sent from your iPad or phone. And for such a super cool product, this virtual keyboard won’t set you back too much at all. A price tag of less than $120 at most retailers makes this gadget well worth the price.

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3 Responses to No Keyboard? No Problem – Use This Laser Projector

  1. Maria says:


  2. kyra1981 says:

    i need one of these immediately!!

  3. Jared says:

    This is one of the coolest pieces of technology that I have heard of in a while!

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