download (10)Home canning may well be something you think of as a thing your grandma did and it certainly is a diminishing art. That being said, with a growing foodie trend and people still needing to save a few bucks from time to time, it could make a comeback. The thing about canning, however, is that it is something that can easily go wrong if you don’t do it right. If your jars are not properly sterilized or the seal on them is compromised the food within won’t preserve for a few days let alone for a few months or a year. That is, after all, the point when you are canning, you make a huge batch of a food and you preserve it for up to a year making for an economical home made food source.

Well, there is now a high tech way to avoid the mistakes of old school canning and you can now try your hand at something granny took years to perfect. The FreshTECH Home Canning System from Ball is a cool little kitchen gadget that takes the guess work out of canning. Using internal sensors this gadget monitors the heat of your jams, jellies, pickles etc. and makes sure they are perfect and ready to can. This is a time saving device which comes with an extensive recipe book and will actually sterilize your jars for you so no more stove top boiling. You’re able to can a whole host of homemade sauces to save money on pre-made store bought products and keep them for upwards of a year. It really is a gadget perfect someone looking to explore the old ways of the kitchen.

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4 Responses to Home Canning Made Easy

  1. Mary Beth says:

    That is pretty cool, I will have to look into that!

  2. Bradshaw says:

    Never tried canning before but I am all about homemade foods.

  3. Sarah says:

    I love canning after the summer harvest, I will get one of these for that, how much simpler this will be!

  4. Sheryl Smith says:

    is a very useful and practical aid

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