download (10)It all started out so rosy 15 years ago when Marc Benoiff started what was at that time San Francisco’s largest tech business. A business software firm called was Benoiff’s brain child and he created a company that the city of San Francisco was proud of. It brought countless jobs to the area and maintained the progressive attitudes of the city by donating 1% of all its profits to charity. This was great, everyone was happy and it also started a huge influx of tech businesses to the region, which flooded the region of the city known as Silicon Valley. The problem was that these new businesses were not started with the San Francisco frame of mind and they were more based on profits. So, we fast forward 15 years to see years of growing tension coming to a head.

You see, the thing is, you assume that all these tech businesses could only be making the city better and stronger. Well actually, unless you work for one of these big companies, the San Francisco living experience has become somewhat of a nightmare. Essentially, because of these companies taking over the area, the cost of living in San Franciso has skyrocketed meaning that John Q public is struggling. This has finally led San Franciscan natives to start protesting as their city is slowly being taken from them. Recent protests back in December saw locals demonstrating against the super large shuttles that tour their city, ferrying workers for companies like Google to and from their work. What is happening in essence is that yes, new tech companies are bringing in some jobs, but they are also bringing in people from outside to fill many of those jobs. Prices for accommodation are soaring which means only affluent people can afford to live there. There is some movement from a few of the larger companies to show that they care about the city and want to give back. The problem is, however, that many locals who are not workers in the tech industry are feeling like they are second class citizens in their own city.

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3 Responses to San Francisco Losing Love for Tech Companies

  1. karen says:

    sad state of affairs

  2. Iris says:

    Such a beautiful place to take for granted

  3. Dianne Rhodes says:

    Is an city chaos, everything revolves around big business

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